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February 6 2013 – 5pm

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February 6 2013@5PM

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Sports Memorabilia-Nine wooden baseball bats to include Louisville Slugger, Little League Reggie Jackson, Johnny Bench, Eddie Matthews, etc., Four PSA graded Red Sox Cards to include Yastrzemski, Williams, Conigliaro, Radatz, Collection of Topps and Bowman Baseball Cards 1950′s, Rare one of a kind Original 1865 CDV Brooklyn Atlantics CDV by C.H. Williamson’s Gallery Brooklyn New York, authenticated and slabbed by SGC Grading and Authentication Services, Complete Set of (720 cards) 1970 Topps Baseball Cards including key Players, Reggie Jackson, Roberto Clemente, Pete Rose, Ernie Banks, Johnny Bench, Yaz, Hank Aaron and more, Complete set of (240 cards 1949 Bowman Baseball Cards including Jackie Robinson, Yogi Berra, Stan Musial, Bob Feller, set is in very good-excellent condition and features over 35 Hall Of Famers including rare rookie cards, Collection of 9 Murad Cigarette T6 College Series Cabinet cards circa 1910-1911 including Kansas, Fordham, Williams, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, and Missouri, cards measure 5×8 and have varying amounts of damage to include small holes, rips and staining., Group of 8 T-206 Boston Players including Stahl, Starr, Spencer, Wagner, Niles, Sweeney, Arellanes, and Ritchey, Collection of three Mint 1960,1961 and 1962 Milwaukee Braves Year books in the original mailers, Complete set of 1967 Topps Baseball cards in binder, nice clean set in excellent condition, 1888 Dartmouth Football team cabinet photo featuring Cincinnati Major League Pitcher Leon Viau, beautifully framed and matted 17×13 in frame, 4 1888 Goodwin Champions graded cards including Emil Voss Geaded SGC 40, Teemer SGC 50, Byrd Page SGC 60, and D’Oro graded SGC 40, 1902 Baseball Cabinet card, Bylar Brothers Little League Team with baby in photo 10×8, 1914 B18 Ty Cobb Blanket 5″x5″, Complete set of near mint 1964 Topps Large size baseball cards with stars and short prints, including unchecked checklist,

Historic Items and Militaria-Wonderful collection of three hanging wall maps to include: Map #1 1861 Maine Map by H.E. Walling along with map of world, United States, graphic locations with mountains height and feet, side locations of towns, used condition. Map #2 1856 by Robert Pearsol Smith Pictures by D. H. McKenney Map of York County Maine used condition. Map #3: 1856 Published by J. Chase, Jr. Surveyors J. Southwick and S. Baker, Kennebec County, Maine damaged top otherwise pretty well intact., Letter Dated March 16th 1852 Written by Prominent members of the Whig Party, nominating Daniel Webster for President in the 1852 Election. The letter details Webster’s qualifications and patriotism. Webster died from a fall from his horse on October 24th 1852 two weeks before the election, Franklin Pierce went on to win the election, The letter was signed by eleven prominent Whigs., Letter Dated 1778 by William Frost ,1st Lieutenant in Colonel Brewers Regiment of the State of Massachusetts, detailing his allegiance to The United States of America and renouncing any allegiance to King George Third and Great Britain, and a vow made by him to fight Great Britain and King George Third during the Revolutionary War, Sworn and Attested at Valley Forge May 19th 1778., Circa 1820′s His Majesties army Foot Soldiers account book for John Ferguson Seventieth Regiment of Foot, in which daily accounts of wounds, expenses and more are detailed, Magnificent 1860 Abraham Lincoln Jumbo Ambrotype Campaign Badge, The styled and deep-gold-colored, metal-bordered frame of this badge measures 2-1/8″ x 2-5/8″ in an oval configuration. The ambrotype portrait itself, which may be described in literal terms as “a positive picture made of a photographic negative, on glass and backed by a dark surface,” comprises the inner oval and measures 1-7/16″ x 1-7/8″. The backing paper on the reverse is original and completely intact. The top line on the paper backing consists of the two words, “For President.” Beneath, in bold type, is “Hon. Abraham Lincoln”(“Hon.” being short for “Honorable,” an appropriately reverential pre-Presidential title for Lincoln.) Below this is the advertisement of the manufacturer, which reads “Manufactured by Geo. Clark, Jr., & Co.. AMBROTYPE ARTISTS, No. 59 Court Street.”Because these badges were, of course, made to be worn, most of the few surviving examples have considerable wear to the reverse as a natural consequence of being used as intended. The reverse of this example is almost perfect, with only the slightest wear at the highest point of the center. Unlike most of the few period ambrotypes that are available for comparison, this elegant example has no emulsion problems or other such faults. Condition is excellent, and the photo, which is the heart and soul of the relic, is excellent with only minor surface imperfection. This is a museum-quality article—a treasure from one of America’s most important campaigns featuring Abraham Lincoln, who many regard as the nation’s greatest president, ever—and it would be the pinnacle piece in virtually any world-class, advanced collection. The treasure depicts a young and beardless Abraham Lincoln, this is a fantastic estate fresh find., Rare Original 1860 Ambrotype Presidential Campaign Badge of Stephen A. Douglas candidate for President 1860 made by George Clark of Boston. This is a truly rare(possibly one of a kind) true ambrotype in very nice condition.  It measures 2.5″ Tall and 2 ” wide and depicts Abraham Lincoln’s fiercest competitor during the historic election of 1860.  Stephen Douglas gained notoriety due to the famous Lincoln/Douglas debates and even though he lost the election, he earned his place is history.  This is an amazing piece of political history and a must for any collector.  Interesting 1765 letter which deeds the Church Pew of Samuel Paul of York, Parishioner of The Meeting house at The First Parish Church in York to Samuel Young of York for a price of Eleven Pounds, Pair of Letters from William Frost dated 1807 and 1809 Detailing Petitions for compensation for old soldiers of the Revolutionary War, 1772 Personal Property Deed of Samuel Young of York, Newspapers, Portland Evening Express (November 11, 1918, end of WW I) Boston American (November 11, 1918) Stars and Stripes (Tuesday May 8, 1945, end of WW II), Collection of military buttons from the U S Navy with Eagle Wing spread, USSR, along with Boston Police and fire department, Political pins to include Nixon, Goldwater, Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, etc, WWII Nazi Enlisted Man’s Red Cross Hewer with 10 1/2″ blade with saw teeth, 1855 Model US Civil War Bayonet, Confederate Sword Virginia Manufactury Cavalry Saber, circa 1825 used in Civil War by William Peal, Lee County Virginia, WWII Nazi Officers Dress Sword, Probably late war, never issued, French made Artillery saber, 1907 British Enfield Bayonet, Civil War Heavy Calvary Saber by “Sheble& Fisher/Philadelphia. The grip is missing wrap and has a crack, with iron scabbard that does not fit 35 1/2″, Japanese Katana Sword in Civilian Mounts in very good condition, Post Civil War US Bayonet, Remington Arms Company Bayonet, Antique Sword made by R&C Company, Bayonet Converted to hunting knife, S&K Maker sword bayonet with scabbard, German import for Belgian Civil War muskets supplied to Confederate troops. 1860-1865, WW I German enameled canteen w/ leather strap, WW II Japanese Marine canteen with name painted on strap, WW II era swagger stick with hidden engraved blade. Victorian British snake belt “Madusa” double buckles w/sword straps, WW II B17/B25 50 cal waist gunner ammo box, “In original box, manufactured 1943″ WW II Army Air Corp throat mic, Prussian Eylau Handmade Food Can by prisoner at Napoleon Battlefield, “Silent Prison” was set up by Stalin’s Secret police the NKVD for political prisoners during WWII dated and named on front of can Lager 1945 and initials E.H. 6″x8″, Collection of civil war dug mini balls and round shot dug at the battlefield Chancellorsville-Apex, WWII US issued Child’s Gas Mask with case and instruction booklet in excellent condition, Pair of Viet Cong battlefield spoils of war items including cartridge box and First Aid Sack, Korean was era Halco Heavy Duty First Aid Kit with contents, Group of Military Insignia USMC, WWII US Navy discharge for a Seaman 2nd class with medals to include WWII Victory, American Defense, Asiatic Pacific Campaign all listed with discharge, US Navy W.A.V.E.S Blue Enlisted cap with striped dome change, and US Navy Pre WWII “Donald Duck” Cap with MFG Stamp, with Scarce Civilian Conservation Corps Pre-Pearl Harbor forest green cap dated May 9, 1941, Three Piece Nazi Group with Swastika Custard Cup, WWI Bavarian 40 Service Medal and Nazi Arbeitsbuch(workbook), Nazi Paper, Air corps Photos and more, WWII US Army Good Conduct Medals with GI’s names engraved in original boxes, with Berlin Airlift Medal and USMC Asiatic-Pacific Medal, Rare Form Persian Dagger, Yemina Jambiya in Sabik Style, having Rhino Horn Handle, silver sheath, and gold applied Faux coins, Heart and Band Appliqués Presented to WWII US Navy Admiral Harry Heap, with punched script “Harry Heap” on blade and case written in English and Persian 13″, WWII Nazi SS Summer Tunic with collar board rank, shoulder boards, hall marked buttons, metal belt loops etc., WWI US Officer’s Uniform , Jacket, Pants and cap, 1st Lt. Quarter Master, with Officer’s Name and Uniform Maker, WWII Enlisted Man’s “Ike” Jacket with Tank Destroyer Patch with GI’s Name and Vietnam Era Camo Jacket US Air Force, 4 Framed Military Posters including Maine Testimonial, Civil War era Lithograph “Love” Tobacco manufactured by Myers Brothers and company depicting a Union Soldier and Confederate Soldier exchanging gifts, 26×22 does have damage to center, Spanish America war print depicting Rear Admiral Sampson in upper right corner and the bombarding of Cuba/San Juan 15.5″ 8″ (24″ x 15.5″ frame), Cannon with 15″ iron barrel 28.5″ total length and 15″ D wheels. Wooden, Iron and metal construction well made piece, Rare 65 mm US MINT BRONZE MEDAL dated “1815″, honoring Captain James Biddle. The obverse shows a bust of James Biddle, and THE CONGRESS OF THE U.S. TO CAPT. JAMES BIDDLE, FOR GALLANTRY GOOD CONDUCT AND SERVICES. The reverse shows a naval battle of the ship HORNET raking the PENGUIN. The British vessel has lost her main mast, and in the distance is the peak of Tristan d’Acunha. It says CAPTURE OF THE BRITISH SHIP PENGUIN BY THE U. S. SHIP HORNET. OFF TRISTAN D’ACUNHA MARCH XXIII MDCCCXV, signed FURST. F, more. Antique Civil War Tin Type of union soldier with rifle and overcoat 4×3, Nazi German Pith Helmet with eagle and Swastika Insignia, Collection of Civil war Era CDV’s including a soldier and patriotic paper with mini tin type, 1873 Muster Roll of the 24th Regiment of Infantry of the Army of the United States signed by Colonel Abner Doubleday and includes names of soldiers in the regiment and their pay histories for the period 31 October to 31 December 1873, General J.A. Garfield For President Ribbon 1880, Garfield was elected the 20th President of the United States and was Assassinated on July 2, 1881 just six months into his first term as President., Collection of Civil War Era Paper Money including 1864 Confederate States $10 Note, 1863 Confederate States $2 Note, 1862 Confederate $2 Note, 1863 Confederate States $1 Note, 1862 Confederate States $1 Notes, 1863 Confederate States of America $1 Note, Augusta Insurance and Banking Co $1 Note, Augusta Insurance $2 Note 1860 #257, Union Bank $2 1861 Reading Pennsylvania Note, $5 Note Suffolk Bank, 5 cent 1863 State of South Carolina Note, 25 cent 1863 State of Carolina Note and Richmond Virginia 50 cent note., Diagram of the 1864 New York State Assembly Chamber.  Lithograph by Lewis and Goodwin of Albany, New York. Includes names of all delegates, staff, attendants and keepers.  13″ x 11″ (22 x 18″ framed), WWII Original box shipped home with war trophies to include Nazi Banner with fringe, 2 arm bands, 2 Nazi Belt buckles, a Yellow ribbon medal, 2 patches, 3 arm badges and M1935 Heer Single Gold Decal Helmet with folded rim, this is amazing group of war relics taken by defeated Nazi Soldiers and is a must have for military collectors,

Firearms-20 Gage Single Shot Iver Johnson Shot Gun “Champion” 28638xh, 1842 Colt Pocket Revolver 36 Caliber converted from black powder to cartridge last patent date 1873 with nickel plated barrel and fine case colors, 1842 Model US Springfield Smooth Bore Musket for Bayonet Produced in 1848, Pin Fire French Made Revolver, Double Action Beaumont Adams 44 Caliber 5 shot revolver found on the Gettysburg Battlefield several weeks after the battle. The weapon shows pitting caused by extensive rainfall that occurred after the battle. This weapon is fully functioning however the exterior finish is all but gone. This weapon was found behind the confederate lines and has an accompanying documentation and letter dated 1913., Belgium copy of a British Bulldog 32 cal revolver. 1880s and much more.

Artwork-Pastel of boy and girl fishing signed Lourens 76   30×20, Character drawing by Fred Hayward “Sure of a Bite” 16×13, Mixed media art piece by Michael Waterman 1976 16×12, Lithograph on canvas of Beethoven by NC Wyeth 6×7, 29″ Art deco statue of lovers, Oil on canvas by Ernst Toepfer. Portrait of a older gentleman. Toepfer was born in Wiesbaden, Hesse-Nassau. Between 1893/95 he attended the Zeichen-, Mal-und Kunstgewerbeschule, a private artist’s school led by H. Bouffier, where he was commended for his diligence. He then studied at the GroBherzogliche Akademie der bildenden Kunste in Karlsruhe, led by Leopold Graf von Kalckreuth, until mid-1898. Starting in 1898, Toepher then studied at the Koniglich-Akademische Hochschule der bildender Kunste in Berlin-Charlottenburg for ten years. He graduated from there in late 1908 as a master student with his own studio. After serving in the German army he returned to Hesse in 1918 and resumed painting. His realist impressionist pictures are influenced by the works of Lovis Corinth, Wilhelm Leibl, Carl Schuch and Karl Blechen. Image 23″x 26″ (frame) 30″x32″, Original 1950 Drawing of Milton Berle by the artist Ahrens signed and personalized lower right by Milton Berle 13×10, Remington’s Portfolio of Upland Game Birds consisting of 12 Beautiful Prints originally painted by  Bob Kuhn, “Print By J. Knowles Hare. Known for his dry point etching portraits and his magazine cover illustrations, John Knowles Hare was born in Montclair, New Jersey. He was a member of the Society of Illustrators in New York. In the early 1900s he had many magazine covers, and he also did dry point etchings, one of the more famous being “”Sympathy.”", Contemporary Bronze statue “Poreia Maquette” translated means the great journey, symbolizes humanity struggling upward in a spiritual sense, as depicting in this sculpture with tiny figures climbing the terrain at the base of the sculpture.  The bronze is beautifully sculptured and painted.  Measures 36″, Oil on Canvas depicting a hunter shooting a bear signed by Fred H. Marden 1907 19×11, Indian rubbing in frame 18 x 16 1/2 and print of primitive child with dog 18 1/2 x 27 1/2, Spanish America war print  depicting Rear Admiral Sampson in upper right corner and the bombarding of Cuba/San Jaun 15.5″ 8″ (24″ x 15.5″ frame), Watercolor of Ocean Liner signed lower right A.E Uottls 14×10, Framed Watercolor of Wiscasset Maine by MN Rawson 14×12, Two OOC to include: European scenes signed Sterk and Doarnhein sizes 20 x 16, 16 x 12. One OOB Winter Scene signed Alice Ewerson 16 x 12, Lithogragh “The Tiger at bay” published by & sold by Edward Orme print seller to his Majesty 59 Bond street London 11.5″ x 15.5″ (29″ x 26″ frame), One print Garden Scene by R. Atkinson Fox in original frame 21 1/2 x 13 1/2 and a hand painted photo of Venice in oak frame 16 x 21 1/2, Oil on canvas depicting French village winter scene signed Bob Wendley 17.5″ x 14.5″ (19.5″ x 22.5″), Josef Thorak Bronze “Das Licht”, Thorak was one of two official sculptors of the 3rd Reich, Bronze on marble base 12″, Oil on Board Beach Scene by Cadwallader Washburn 1866-1965 Maine Born Listed Artist 19×15, much more.

Antiques and Collectibles-Scottish long case clock. 7′ high with a painted dial marked (David M. Gardner. Plains.) Dial has second hand and calender. Mahogany burl case, “broken arch pediment, arched painting labeled”. “Burns at the plough”. Eight day brass weight driven movement. Ca. 1820. “Clock is in good running order and excellent condition”., Lighted Oak Glass display case 6′-6″ in height 19″ in depth with a 4′ width., Quimper Lot with Center bowl and 13 Plates, Modern US Silver Coin Lot with $1 Statue of Liberty Coin, Three Piece 1994 Veterans Silver Coins and two Piece Liberty $1 and Half Dollar, and 1975 Proof Set, Victorian 4 piece tea set by Taunton Silver Plate Company from the Civil War Era. The company operated from early 1853 to the 1870s. The tea pot stands 11″ tall and is marked (Taunton Silver Plate) (Triple Plate). The sugar caddy measures 9.5″. The creamer is 6″ and the silver plate is 12.5″ in diameter.  , Collection of US Currency 1899 $1 Silver Certificate Black Eagle Speelman/White Signatures in good condition, 1917 $1 Legal Tender Red Seal George Washington Large size note Elliot/Burke signatures in very fine condition, 1923 $1 Large size silver certificate horse blanket blue seal note Speelman/White signatures in very fine condition, Fine Mahogany Violin Closet with two violins from unknown makers 36×19, Antique oak file cabinets by Globe-Wernicke Co. 8 drawer (metal inserts) with oak stand and top. Measures 5’5″ tall with a depth of 25″ and a width of 33″. includes oval brass tags on the front of each drawer set (Federal Trade Commission), Oak Commode with painted scenes on door 33x29x18, Black Marble Oriental Vase Signed with Japanese Inscription with 3 Miner Chips on Top 14″ H Brought Home with WWI Veteran, Original Grateful Dead Broadside with Jerry Garcia Autographed Pick, Oil on Panel of a salmon on the end of a fly signed lower right Illegible 19×12, Arts and crafts slag glass hanging light fixture 24″ H x 22″ D, Advertising lot with Philip Morris Die Cut standee(as found) Dry Goods Wooden Thermometer and two pin up calendar tops, 3 Pieces to Include Wedgewood Cracker Jar Missing Cover 3″ x 5 1/4″, Cobalt Vase Wrapped in Metal Stand Ruffle Top and Bubble sides 9″ H on 2″ Stand, Green Depression Divided Candy Dish in Pewter Container with Cover 6″D, Brown Trout Mounted on a snowshoe, taxidermy piece 42″, Green Carnival Glass bowl circa 1914 11 3/4″, Gone With the Wind Lamp, hand painted with pink globe, 2 Pieces of Native American Pottery including early Hopewell Bowl and paint decorated bowl, 4 Pieces of Iridescent Amethyst Carnival glass to include 4 1/2″ Tumbler, 4 1/2″ strutting peacock pitcher and 2 ruffled bowls, Seventeen Royal Copenhagen, Denmark 7 1/4″ plates to include 1970 Christmas Cat, 1978 Greenland Scenery, 1984 Jingle Bells, 1971 Hare In Winter, 1972 In The Desert, 1973 Going Home for Christmas and more.  Four 6″ Mother’s Day Plates 1972, 1972, 1973, 1974. Three Norway Christmas Plates and twelve misc plates., 18 Hummel plates to include: Christmas 1971- 1978, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1988, Mother’s Day 1973,1974, M.J. Hummel Plates “Hello Down There” “Tender Loving Care” “Stormy Weather” “Apple Tree Boy and Girl”, Weinhard’s Red-”The Original Blue Boar Brand” Rotating Neon Sign.  The sign measures 22″ in diameter and 4″ thick. It weighs about 10 lbs and works fine.  There’s no damage but has a few surface scratches, Spanish America war print  depicting Rear Admiral Sampson in upper right corner and the bombarding of Cuba/San Jaun 15.5″ 8″ (24″ x 15.5″ frame), Collection of advertising tins to include:  Beautiful tin depicting R.M.S. Queen Mary ocean liner signed be “Benson’s” English choice confections 10″ x 2.5″ H, R.H. Macy’s & Co. 5″ x 4.5″ H, 2  vintage medicine tins, Stanley”s baking powder 2.5″ H, black cigarette tin 2.5″ x 3″ H, Sahib orange pekoe with some paint chipped 3.5″ x 4″ H, Planters cocktail salted peanuts 3″ H, Coca-Cola mounted on 9″ x 20.5″ piece of wood ect…., Pair of 1979 Ringling Brothers Circus Posters 37×23, Mounted Salmon Taxidermy piece, Pair of Moose Horns with 15 Points 34″ L Good Solid Pair of Moose Palms Original Patina, Pre War Marx electric train set, Canadian Pacific steam engine with coaler and four rolling stock. Union Station, signals, transformer and tracks included, 1890 MS 63 Morgan Dollar, Collection of M. J. Hummel Annual Plates that were produced by W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik.  Years to include 1972, 1973,1974,1975,1976,1977,1978, 1980 and 1981 all are in mint condition each plate are 7 1/2″, 1837 Georges Shoal and Bank Chart surveyed by Charles Wilkes matted on canvas, canvas has artwork including drawings and an oil painting by P. Pratt, Roseville Jardiniere signed 22″ H x 8″, Roseville Umbrella stand foliage pattern 19 3/4″, Bobcat taxidermy mount, Collection of 9 Victorian Valentines, A Southwestern Olla pot 24″ H x 23″ D, 19th century or earlier with metal stand with several damages, 100, 2003 A Dollar bills in numbered sequence series, D31334401D to D31334500D, 24 Ginger Ale bottles with wooded create “Clicquot Club” (Klee-Ko) from Clicquot Massachusetts, Exquisite and Rare Late 19th century E. Schurmann German .800 Silver Coffee Pot on base with handle, measures 17″ and weighs 45.50 Troy Ounces.  E. Schurmann Company produced very few examples of this and was created for the wealthiest of German Families and Royalty.  The unusual size and shape indicates that only an elite family could have owned this fantastic piece of old world European silver., Rare 65 mm US MINT BRONZE MEDAL dated “1815″, honoring Captain James Biddle.  The obverse shows a bust of James Biddle, and THE CONGRESS OF THE U.S. TO CAPT. JAMES BIDDLE, FOR GALLANTRY GOOD CONDUCT AND SERVICES.  The reverse shows a Naval battle of the ship HORNET raking the PENGUIN.  The British vessel has lost her main mast, and in the distance is the peak of Tristan d’Acunha.  It says CAPTURE OF THE BRITISH SHIP PENGUIN BY THE U. S. SHIP HORNET.  OFF TRISTAN D’ACUNHA MARCH XXIII MDCCCXV, signed FURST. F., Collection commemorative medals including 25 Ounces of Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Medals”Great Americans” and other coins, much more.

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